My band: Lord Loud

2017-04-18 20:53:37 by ToonHole

Besides animation and comics, I also make music.  My band, Lord Loud, just released an album today.  You can hear songs here:


The Givers

If you guys dig that, you can hear the whole album over here:

Okay, back to posting regularly scheduled comics : )

We are still running our Caption Contest until the 31st!  Feel free to drop by and enter if you haven't already:


Looking forward to picking a winner!
- The ToonHole gang


ToonHole Caption Contest!

2016-04-05 17:27:46 by ToonHole

The latest ToonHole Caption Contest is LIVE!  
Comment here to join in:

Looking forward to seeing some of your submissions!


The ToonHole Gang


2015-08-24 13:59:18 by ToonHole

Hey folks!  Turns out I got a Patreon for any of you that want to support me!  I've been posting process stills from the films I'm working on, rejected comics, tutorials, etc.!  You can pay as little as you want each month!!

With your help, I'll be able to work more on my personal animations and crank out more than a couple films a year!  I really appreciate all your support and everything the Newgrounds community has done for me already!



Your pal,


Music: //LORD LOUD//

2015-06-11 18:00:51 by ToonHole

Maybe a bit of a switch of pace, but for any fans of rock 'n roll, I'd like to throw out my band LORD LOUD:


Me and my buddy Mike are a two piece that like to turn up the volume, hole up in my garage, and kill the neighbor's grass. For any fans of psychedelic or 60's classic rock like Black Sabbath.  Just thought I'd see if anybody might dig it.  Let me know what you think!



Your pal,


Rejected Comic

2015-05-29 06:03:52 by ToonHole

Here's a little teaser of a rejected comic that I put up on my Patreon page.


$2 patrons get access to see behind the scenes stuff if anybody is interested.  To see the full comic, become a patron!


Once I get enough patrons, I'd like to start releasing the reject films and animatics.  Thanks for checking it out!




2015-05-05 16:41:22 by ToonHole

Hey guys! I got a Patreon for those that wanna support me. You can pay as little as you want per month!

I want to make more animated cartoons and live action content that I'd definitely share with the Newgrounds community. To do that I need to take some time away from work stuff, and I'd need to pay actors and other folks to help film/record sound/etc. Any support I get will go directly into more content! Thanks!











Love your pal,


Hey folks!  Chris from TOONHOLE here! 

My first book, BETWEEN A ROCK AND A SOCIALLY AWKWARD PLACE, is going to be available in the new StoryBundle.  StoryBundle sells digital copies of books for CHEAP.  It's pay what you want (minimum $3).  If you buy multiple books, it's even cheaper.  Some of the other authors in the bundle are Ryan North from Dinosaur Comics, KC Green of Regular Show/Gunshow, members of MTV's sketch comedy show the Slate, and more!

If you're interested, check out the bundle here:















I'm running a contest on Twitter. I'm picking 2 retweets at random tonight to receive a free digital copy of my first book "Between a Rock and a Socially Awkward Place".

If anybody's interested:

If there is interest, maybe I can run some more contests for more chances to win copies!  Would there be any interest in a potential caption contest or anything else here on Newgrounds?

Thanks!  Hope to hear from you guys and good luck to those who enter!

Your pal,



2013-10-10 19:10:42 by ToonHole

Hey ToonHooligans! Our very own toonholechris opened up a store to sell some original art pieces. For a small amount of money, you could own a piece of this artist's soul to put in your bathroom or give to an enemy. Be among the first to own some of the internet's most quintessentially inconsequential artwork:

And don't forget to follow him on Facebook:


If you like some of my stuff...

2011-02-06 16:17:18 by ToonHole

Check out my comics/animation website at! We put up comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and we usually upload one film a month!

I really wanna participate in NG, but I'm figuring out how to port more of my films to .swf format because I use after effects to composite so I have .mov's. If anybody knows an easy way, PM me! I can't wait to hit the portal with some of my animations

If you like some of my stuff...