Entry #11

The Blubburbs!

2018-01-19 18:32:59 by ToonHole

Hey Newgrounds!

Excited to announce the release of "The Blubburbs", an animated show created by Erik Sandoval, Michael Rousselet (both from 5 Second Films) and myself (ToonHole)!  It's executive produced by Dave, Rob, and Kris from Cyanide and Happiness and out on go90!

Lots of talented folks worked on it and we're proud of it.  If you're interested to see it, here's a link: https://www.go90.com/shows/4J1gvaDdUe5 


Would love to know what you think!

Your pal,



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2018-01-21 00:21:36

Can't 0pen link
"go90™ Mobile TV Network is only available in the US right now."

ToonHole responds:

If you're outside the US you can view it here: https://view.yahoo.com/show/the-blubburbs-go90/episodes


2018-01-21 01:33:24

Wow, nice material so far, guess it's not a kiddie show, looking to get picked up by commercial distributor (Netflix, ISP, Amazon)? Quite professional animations there bud, VA's sound great too, sure hope this leads to big bucks!

ToonHole responds:

go90 is an up and coming streaming service provided by Verizon. They just put out the new Kobe Bryant animated short too, so they got the two best animated internet cartoons right now.


2018-01-21 15:49:51

I can't see it, just like Pecheneg.

ToonHole responds:

If you're outside the US, you can see them here: https://view.yahoo.com/show/the-blubburbs-go90/episodes